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Customized Exhaust Systems and Mufflers

Modified System Specialists on Board!

Havert's Garage in Palmyra, NY provides diagnostic testing on auto and truck mufflers as well as exhaust systems. When necessary, we fully repair and replace mufflers and exhausts.

Armed With Expertise and Experience

We are fully equipped with extensive experience and cutting-edge tools to install modified exhaust systems on pickup trucks and hot rods. Our exhaust system specializations cover:

  • Aluminized Systems (1.5” to 3” Tubing)
  • Catalytic Converter Repair
  • Custom Bending
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Exhaust Systems (1.5” to 3”)
  • Insynerator Performance Series Mufflers
  • Specialized Accessories
  • Stainless Steel Tips

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

At Havert’s Garage, there’s no need to replace your entire exhaust system! Our skilled technicians are experts at targeting specific areas of your exhaust and muffler systems. We fix all exhaust system issues.

Spot Problem Areas 

By accurately pinpointing all problem areas, we help you save on repair costs. We then provide the high-quality service and repairs you expect only from the best in the business.

Virtually Any Make and Model 

Aside from doing competent exhaust repairs, Havert’s Garage offers custom exhaust bending, exhaust patches, and custom exhaust work. We create exhaust systems for any make or model of domestic and imported vehicles.

Heavy Duty Tubing

From 1.5" to 3" aluminum tubing and tips to insynerator mufflers and catalytic converter work, we have the products and offer the service you need to maintain your vehicle's optimal performance.  Havert's Garage also does repairs and custom exhaust on hot rods and other specialty vehicles!

Havert's Garage

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